Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tightwad Tuesday - Cheap Convenience Store Drinks.

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Since we've started focusing on eating healthier and watching what we put into our bodies, I've lessened my soda intake and am drinking mostly water or tea. When I do drink soda now, I usually can take one or two sips and I'm done. If I drink any more than that, it just gets too sweet for my taste.

When we stop to get gas, and if we have a little extra cash, we like to get the family some snacks and drinks. But with me not drinking more than maybe a fourth of a fountain drink I can not justify paying .69 for a soda I will not finish. So I've found a way to get myself a drink that I will drink and is actually cheaper than most fountain drinks.

We usually get gas locally at Quicktrip, and they sell ice cups for $.20. The ice cups can be any size from the 22oz to the 44oz size, I usually get the 32oz size ice cup. They also sell the single serving packets of Crystal Light in several flavors. My favorite flavor is the lemonade :). I pour one packet into the bottom of the empty cup. Then I fill the cup full of ice, and then fill with water from the hot water tap on the coffee machine.

The ice cup costs me .20 and the Crystal Light .39 for a total of $.59 for a cup of lemonade. If I think ahead I can bring my own cup and save the cost of the ice cup and have a cup of lemonade for only $.39. Not bad for a drink that I WILL completely drink, and is probably a little bit healthier than sodas loaded with high fructose corn syrup. If you bring your own cups for everyone in your family and use this method for quenching your thirst you can get drinks for a family of 5 for just under $2.00! :)

Have a blessed day!


Canadagirl said...

It is amazing how all these small acts add up. It is like a bucket with a tap dripping. Eventually it all adds up and the bucket fills up ! The small things DO matter. [0=

Sending you a HUGE (((HUG)))my SSiC
In Him<><

Valerie Neal said...

Hey, cool tip, I like to reuse my water bottles, just refill and pop in fridge. In the summer we keep them in the freezer, taking them out before heading to town, no need to buy anything at all to drink on hot days, then get sick because you had to many sodas and not enough water.
Valerie Neal

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Good for you! Making changes is best done a little at a time. This sounds like a good step. I wonder if they sell the lemonade packets at the grocery store? Could you buy them there and keep some handy in your purse? That might save you even more!

Thanks for sharing. I love finding ways to make things a little more cost effective.

Thanks for visiting my blog too. Have a great day!:)