Saturday, April 26, 2008

What I've done the past few days

I've been really really naughty the past few days. Instead of focusing on the house work like I should of been, I said heck with it and worked on a sewing and a knitting project. I pulled out my material and made a tote bag to match my red baby sling. After I finished that, I got brave and tried to design my own dirty dipes baggie. I did ok, But I messed up on the seam allowance so I had to zig zag stitch around the top of the bag to "seal in" the raw edges that came out of the seam. I'll try to go get more material later to redo the project.
I've made my sling 2 month before Jada was born, and the fabric has been sitting in the drawer ever since waiting for me to remember it. It's a beautiful cotton red floral print. I don't usually gravitate towards red. i was searching for a deep purple or a lilac/lavender calico print... .but I saw this fabric and I fell in love. I'm thinking I should of bought the whole bolt of the fabric becuase I keep thinking of things I'd love to make with it.
Tonight, while waiting for Jada to fall asleep, I sat on the couch with hubby, watched Rudy, and finished a wool diaper soaker. This one took me 4 months to do... I swear. Usually I can get one of these cranked out in a week or two, but this one seemed to take forever. I finally just had to keep working on it from sheer will power and a determination not to waste the yarn I put into it! But it's done, now I can have some fun dyeing it and letting Jada wear it.
Once I figure out how to post pics, I'll show off these two projects.

On another note... I'm constantly amazed how "motherly" Jordan has gotten since Jada was born. She used to be my tomboy who wouldn't have anything to do with baby dolls. When Joelle was born almost 4 years ago, Jordan asked if the Dr could put Joelle back in my tummy. But she's really gotten to be a little mother. She is extremely helpful with Joelle now. If Jada is laying down anywhere, it doesn't take long before Jordan walks over to pick her up and hold her. She's tried to change diapers, feed her, rock her, walk with her...
Today we went for walk, and I got to use my nice new Jeep jogger. Joelle has a little doll stroller and used it for her dolly. Jordan also wanted to take her dolly for a walk so she, by herself, drug my graco stroller out of the closet and down the steps. We went for a nice long walk enjoying the air then came back in so I could start dinner. While I was fixing dinner, Jordan's dolly got "hungry" and so she "nursed" her dolly. She even got a blankie to cover up and be descrete about it!

I have to say... I believe God used Jada to put us in a position to thrive as a family.
One year ago... I was tracking towards full time restraunt management. Meaning long hours, unpredictible hours, and no time together as a family. I was just waiting for Joelle to start all day PreK this next school year. My logic was it would allow us to put the girls in the private school we want them in, and we would also be out of debt completely within 2 years. It was something I could do, and do well. I would of had a title, a status, something recognized by society today. It was my identity.
God has a sense of humor. One of my goals was to of had all my children and be back in shape by my 30th birthday. 2 weeks after my 30th, I found out I was pregnant. A big suprise to say the least and it really "rocked my world".
I knew working full time, especially as a manager, would be out of the question becuase there is no way I'm putting any of my babies in full time day care. (but some how I justified private school and after school care???) So I started preparing to come home. With a heavy heart. Over the next 6 months I was torn between coming home and continuing working. I knew that God was calling me home, but I mourned what I was leaving. My heart was still in my position and my identity was still in my title.
Several weeks before she was born, I worked my last shift as an hourly manager and started my maternity leave, fully intending to come back to work one or two nights a week after. And I came home full time.
Over the next few weeks, I noticed a big change i our house.
The girls were happier. I was no longer picking up Jordan from school and having to rush to drop the girls off at day care to be at work on time. I was home in the evenings more. I was no longer exausted from working the night before and able to spend real time with Joelle during the day. Jordan's behavior improved at school. Her grades in math started to creep up.
My hubby was happier. I was now able to fix dinner (and sometimes have it ready when he got home). There was no need for him to rush to get the girls and fight traffic the come home and then figure out what to make for dinner. There was no need to just stop and eat out becuase it was easier. I could spend more time with him after the girls went to bed. I was home to go to bed when he went to bed. My home got cleaner (slightly).
We were really a family for the first time in a long time.
Last week, I went back to work. I've been transferred to another store, which is better than the one I was at before. It's cleaner, less stressful, and has a great staff. I had an easier time there. But it was different. My heart wasn't there any more. It was at home.
I believe that we would of survived as a family if I did start workign full time like i had planned. But we would not be thriving. We wouldn't of been a family. Just a unit of people living in the same house.
Babies are precious gifts from God. And God gave us more than one gift with this baby. With this baby came a renewed family.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The "Never Ending" pot of beans

It's amazing how versatile beans can be, and how long one pot of them can last. Last week was tight. We had extra expenses come out of hubby's check and I wasn't able to spend as much on groceries as I wish. (Fact is, I hardly ever get to spend as much as I want, but this week was much leaner :) ) So I got to be creative.
With God's help of course (smile).
I found a recipe for Black Bean Soup When i made it I added rice to make it a little more substantial. Served with home made bread, salad, milk and tea. It was yummy! And there were left overs.
The next night I added 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup and some more rice to thicken up the leftovers. I used 4 large whole weat wraps and filled them with 1/2cup to 1cup of the black bean mixture, rolled them up, topped them with green enchilada sauce and cheese, and baked them. Another yummy dinner from that pot of beans. And still leftovers.
The following night, I added 1 or 2 cans of petite diced tomatoes. Then I halved 4 large green peppers, filled each half with 1/2 cup bean mixture, topped with grated Cheddar Cheese and baked it. Served with salad and Iced tea. We even had enough for company that night. :) Night #3 on that pot of beans. And still there were leftovers.
The next day was shopping day for me. I wanted to finish off those leftovers so they wouldn't go to waste and spoil. I cooked 2 boneless chicken breast halves and diced them well. Mixed them into the beans, used it to fill whole wheat tortillas. There was just the right amount to fill enough tortillas for a 9x13 baking dish. It was quick and easy, and still yummy.
My hubby tries to follow the Zone Diet, so these meals weren't quite balanced for him. But still some what nutritious for the time and money they required.
If you ever find yourself in a lean time.... remember to be content. Find your contentment IN GOD, but don't be satisfied with your current situations. Always ask God to help you be creative with what you have, and believe God for bigger and better things in your future.
Hoping your day today is blessed.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008



I thought I would introduce myself!

I'm Angela. I'm a happy wife to a happy husband for almost 10 years! Yes, we have been married that long and we are happy! We have been blessed by 3 beautiful daughters. 8 yr old Jordan, 3 yr old Joelle, and 7 week old Jada. (Hubby's quiver was full at #2, then we were suprised by number 3, so now the quiver is REALLY FULL!) We currently have only one dog.

We live just outside Tulsa. We have a smallish 2 bedroom moble home with 1 bathroom, so life here can be an adventure at times.

I like to knit and read, but I rarely have time for either. I'm busy battling my disorganization! Recently with a lot of help and encouragement I've made progress. I also work part time as a server and hourly manager at Applebee's in Tulsa.

We are members of GUTS Church in Tulsa, and stay active in whatever the church has going on.

I really want to be a great home maker. I wish it could all come together for me at once, but I know it won't. It takes time, learning, applying, trails, errors, and change.

So, if you wish, through this blog you can join me as I learn and share what works for me and doesn't work. And hopefully you'll find some motivation and encouragment to be a better home maker and mom too!

Friday, April 11, 2008

This is why girls need to work out!

A thief made the mistake of a lifetime recently. He broke into professional female boxer Derdre Rodriguez's house and tried to steal her PS3, PSP and videogames as she lay sleeping.
She woke up, saw the robber climbing out of her window, chased him down, smashed his head in with an ice chipper, then, in the most awesome coupe-de-grace ever, the former pugilist forced the thief to pick up the stolen electronics he'd dropped during the chase (A PlayStation 3, a PSP, cell phones and videogames). She then made him wait in the house for the cops to show up and arrest him.

I showed this video to my daughter. This is a good example of why girls and women should work out and be strong. So you can beat up those who bully you.

Now I'm not advocating violence! But I firmly believe that we live in a day and age that we can no longer allow girls to be the "weaker vessel" physically, and to be prime targets for crime. Our daughters, and ourselves, need to be strong and able to protect and defend ourselves and those we love from those who prey on the weak.

Today Hubby did Deadlifts 1,1,1,1,1,1,1. I intended to do this workout as well, but we had baby with us and she started fussing in the car seat as soon as I started to warm up. So I ended up wearing her in my Baby Bjorn and did 2 rounds of 15 squats and 500m row. After that she calmed down and I put her back in her carseat and did deadlifts.

3 sets deadlifts
21 reps @ 65lbs
15 reps @ 75lbs
9 reps @ 85 lbs.