Friday, April 11, 2008

This is why girls need to work out!

A thief made the mistake of a lifetime recently. He broke into professional female boxer Derdre Rodriguez's house and tried to steal her PS3, PSP and videogames as she lay sleeping.
She woke up, saw the robber climbing out of her window, chased him down, smashed his head in with an ice chipper, then, in the most awesome coupe-de-grace ever, the former pugilist forced the thief to pick up the stolen electronics he'd dropped during the chase (A PlayStation 3, a PSP, cell phones and videogames). She then made him wait in the house for the cops to show up and arrest him.

I showed this video to my daughter. This is a good example of why girls and women should work out and be strong. So you can beat up those who bully you.

Now I'm not advocating violence! But I firmly believe that we live in a day and age that we can no longer allow girls to be the "weaker vessel" physically, and to be prime targets for crime. Our daughters, and ourselves, need to be strong and able to protect and defend ourselves and those we love from those who prey on the weak.

Today Hubby did Deadlifts 1,1,1,1,1,1,1. I intended to do this workout as well, but we had baby with us and she started fussing in the car seat as soon as I started to warm up. So I ended up wearing her in my Baby Bjorn and did 2 rounds of 15 squats and 500m row. After that she calmed down and I put her back in her carseat and did deadlifts.

3 sets deadlifts
21 reps @ 65lbs
15 reps @ 75lbs
9 reps @ 85 lbs.

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