Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eating This - Sandwich wraps

One thing that can really throw your diet off is not keeping things simple. It's really easy to let yourself (myself, I'm the pot calling the kettle black here) look at what's on the "what you can eat" list and get so overwhelmed until trying to pick something to eat is stressful!. When you start stressing about what to eat, you're really shooting yourself in the foot. The food you eat needs to be healthy and nutritional because it is your fuel, not only for your workouts but for your daily life. But you can over think about what you're going to eat, letting food dominate your thinking instead of focusing on more important things. Also, thinking about food so much makes it harder to keep eating under control!

Here's a simple lunch or snack that is yummy. It does not take much thought, and is easy to make. Prepare several ahead of time to keep in the fridge to grab through out the week.

Sandwich wraps

1 low carb tortilla OR one large Romaine lettuce leaf, washed and patted dry
1-2 oz Muenster cheese, sliced thin
2 oz thin sliced black peppered ham or leftover turkey breast/chicken
1-2 cups mixed prepared Romaine lettuce and baby Spinach leaves
1 Tablespoon Honey Mustard
1 Tablespoon mashed advocado

On the tortilla or the lettuce leaf, layer the cheese, ham or other meat, and mixed lettuce to fill. Top with mustard. Start to fold and roll tortilla/lettuce leaf. Spread the mashed advocado near where the seams will meet up to help seal the wrap, and finish rolling up the wrap.

Eat with a piece of fruit or some berries.


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