Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Cleaning out the closets

I had planned on homeschooling this week, but felt that my house needs a good purging. So school plans are on hold till next week. We got so much for Christmas, and don't have anyplace to put most of it. So either some of what we have needs to go, or some of what we got will be going.

Yesterday I pulled out all the clothes from the 5yo girl's side of the shared closet, and all the games on the top shelf. It's really amazing how much stuff our kids can acquire. Even in our tiny home, it doesn't seem like we have alot, until you start trying to clean it and organize it. But I pulled so many clothes out of just my 5yo's side of closet it created several piles on the couch. And there were so many games on the game shelf it took up the entire kitchen table. I really have no idea how we got so much shoved in such a tiny space, but I guess when it's acquired little by little over time you really don't notice the growth in the closet.

After cleaning out all the clothes, I then went through the piles, and sorted them according to sizes. I also tossed out anything that was stained. And I sacked up clothes that were too small or if they were the next sizes up but just didn't catch my fancy. There were one or two outfits too small for my 5yo, but were really cute so I set them aside ot save for my toddler.

Next, I started packing clothes for future sizes away in a large storage tote. As I packed it away in the tote, I marked it on the Clothing Inventory Worksheet . I only put shirts, pants, or jeans in the tote. All dresses and skirts were hung in the back of the closet, in order to keep them from wrinkling.

After clothes for each of my daughters are packed in the tote, an inventory worksheet for each girl will be packed in the tote, to help me keep track of what I do have and don't have stored away for future use. Eventually I will have a clothing tote for each girl, but right now I'm just using one large tote.

Next came the thinning of the games. Somehow we had collected two versions or Rummikub, two versions of Monopoly, two boxes of Dominoes, and two versions of Uno. So that helped make it easy to decide what to keep of those. Then I went through each game to make sure all the pieces were there, and tossed out games with missing pieces. Then thinned out all the games the girls were no longer interested in or we haven't played as a family for a while.

It was a lot of hard work, and my housework was severely neglected. But best thing about thinning out your closets, is it's a great reminder of how much you are blessed and you always have something to bless others with. In the afternoon, I called a friend over with her 4 girls. We put a movie on for all SEVEN girls, sat down to sip tea, and she went through all of my sacks to see what she could use.

At the end of the day, I had amassed 6 sacks of clothes, shoes, and such to take to Goodwill.

I am keeping today's to do list very short. Other than the normal meals, diaper changes, and trying to spend time with my family.....

I am tackling my oldest daughter's side, all the dresser drawers, and the toy boxes. I'm going in later this morning, so if you don't hear from me on Facebook or Twitter by mid afternoon, send a rescue team. :)

Have a blessed day.

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