Friday, January 1, 2010

Catching up on my knitting..

Today is a beautiful and sunny day! It's really soggy and muddy outside from the melting snow, but I don't think I'm going to let that stop us from getting outdoors today. Even if it means going for a walk on the road, we need, no I NEED to be outside basking in some sunshine!

But first, the kids are napping. And I'm taking the brief opportunity to work on some knitting.

I have let my self get so busy that I have neglected hobbies that I really enjoy. And knitting is one of them. My hands would really ache to be holding some needles and yarn, but I would be to busy to go pick some up. I had 2 knitting projects stored in my crafting tote because I haven't worked on them in so long.

But one of my resolutions this year is really two fold. My resolution is to have one project out, to be ready and on hand at all times, for when I have a minute or two to knit/crochet a few stitches.

One fold is that I can make myself take some time out for me. Two is to hand craft as many of our Christmas presents for 2010 as possible, to help stay within our Christmas budget. (I've already started a gift list for this year's Christmas, and noting who I think would really appreciate something hand made and who I need to buy a gift for.)

I found some yarn that I absolutely fell in love with at Michaels and snatched up a few skeins. It's a lilac/olive ombre, and is beautiful in the skein. Plus it's an acrylic so it would be pretty easy care. I started a scarf with it, but I didn't like how the colors were matching up row by row. So I frogged the scarf, and searched for a shawl pattern. I found Multnomah on Ravelry and loved how the wrap in the picture looked, so I figured I would try this pattern for this yarn.
Multnomah is written in a garter stitch pattern, but I didn't like how it looked, so I switched to a stockenette stitch after 10 rows. I am loving how the yarn is working out in this wrap so far, but still not sure I'm happy with it as a gift. I may just finish this one up for myself and give my Candle Flame shawl as a gift.

My Candle Flame shawl is still a work in progress, but I got about 20 rows finished on it yesterday, and I believe I'm about one fourth of the way to being finished. I love the candle flame design. And think I'm going to try to work up a scarf using the candle flame stitch after I'm done with the shawl.

I have a third project, Lacy Leafy Baby Afghan still stored in my tote. I started it almost 1 1/2 years ago, and am determined to finish, but not feeling up to it right now.

Christmas gifts are priority right now, as strange as that may seem.

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