Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day Crafts - Hand Made Cards

Valentines Day is only a few days away.

I am not the best at keeping up with holidays or mailing cards, so any holiday requiring a gift or card usually leaves me scrambling to get something suitable mailed to relatives. And I admit, there have been many years my in-laws didn't get a Valentine's card from my littles.

But this year we are ahead and got the cards crafted and mailed early....

This great Valentines Day Craft idea, thanks to Mom Life Today, gave me the inspiration I needed to come up with a cute card that we all could do together, and I already had most of the materials, so it was pretty inexpensive as well.

The basic materials are simply construction paper, decorative tissue paper, plain tissue paper, scissors, makers, and glue.

All Nice and Neat Before Pic

Following the instructions in the Mom Life post I cut out roughly circular shapes of 6 sizes. I cut each circle out the layered tissue paper to make multiples of each size, and alternated cutting sizes from the plain tissue paper and the printed tissue paper. I also cut out hearts from different colors of construction paper.

Next each of the kids trace both of their hands, and cut out the hand traces (with help of course).

Each of the kids picked what color they wanted their card to be, and we folded the construction paper in half width wise. On the front we created the tissue rose by glueing each of the circles in layers, starting from biggest to smallest circle.

Then glued the "hands" on the inside, with a heart in each hand.

These are my hands
They bring you my love
Hug them
and hold them close

I Love You

My 11yo designed her own card.

The finished results
A beautiful bouquet of roses
.... and the aftermath of paper-scraps.

Disclaimer - This big beautiful house, and all the kids in the pics are not mine. My friend graciously let me "borrow" her home and her kids to do this craft with, while they are out of town. :)

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