Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The good. The bad. The ugly. I'm here again.

The good: I was blessed with a new home with more room and a school room.

The bad: I never got back into a good cleaning routine or set a realistic schedule.

The ugly: My house is cluttered, not clean, and I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Yep, it's pretty ugly.

A year or so ago I had to tell myself that "I'm not SuperWoman" to remind myself that I really can not do it all. I had to remember that I could only do so much, with the time and resources I have been gifted, with the grace that God gives me each and every day. And I had to learn to say no to things that really don't fit in with the priorities and purposes I lived by.

But I honestly think that I am now using the "I'm Not SuperWoman" as an excuse and a cop out to not do the things I don't really want to do, and giving myself the go ahead to spend my time doing things I would rather be doing.

I'm going to be honest. I don't like house cleaning. I don't like dishes. I don't like laundry. It was fun just after we moved into our new home, as we were settling in, and setting up house. But the newness wore off and it got "old".

The daily upkeep of maintaining a home is monotonous, and I don't do well with monotonous tasks. I feel like I am trapped in a rut when I am not doing something creative and spontaneous.

But the fact is, I have been blessed with a home, I am the housewife of the family, and I do need to take care the house to the best of my ability.

The good truth is, is that God did not bless me with this house for it to become a burden and a drudgery. And He didn't give me the desire to nurture my creativity only for it to be squashed in the monotony of housework. There is a way to take care of the home within the confines of a routine and still be able to balance it with spontaneity and creativity.

In all the upheaval moving created, I have some how lost realization of this, and it's time I got it back.

It's time I put my big mamma panties back on and took care of business. I need a butt kick. My house needs an even bigger butt kick. And I'm going to bring one.


Rescued from the Deep said...

I freaking love you! Wish you'd come kick a#@ at my house! Lol You are the coolest chic I know. I love your transparency! Sure I spelled that wrong. Anyways you rock! Xoxoxo

Angela - Not SuperWoman said...

Thank you for being a friend I can be transparent with!