Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March 1st Day!

Today was a beautiful day! It was hard to believe that it was only March 1st and still technically winter. This year we are having even warmer than usual temps in the winter months, and February ended with very mild weather, leading March in like a gentle lamb.

With this weather, I wonder if March is going to do an opposite of its usual, by coming in like a lamb and roaring out like a lion. So I am determined to enjoy each day we can outside.

Today was the perfect day for the kids to:

Look for signs of honey bees among the clover

Look for snails in the water.

Play tag with the dog, running the full length of the park.

Pick a log and sit to rest.

Discover the first Daffodils of Spring

(Little Miss Daredevil may or may not of picked them when I wasn't looking.)

(But evidence strongly suggests that she did.)

Today was the perfect day for mom to:

Sit, enjoy the view, laugh with the girls, snap pictures, and work on a knitting project.

Who knows how many days like today we will have in March? But I am so glad we got to enjoy this one.

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