Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kids Room Declutter Pics

My project for this week's Tackle it Tuesday was attacking the girls' bedroom. It did take me the whole day to get this room back under control. I'm just now posting the pics. I've been a little busy, ya know.

I spent the entire afternoon buried in toys, laundry, and junk. But I didn't quit (so proud of myself) and emerged from the room, leaving it much better.

All the walls and shelves were wiped down and dusted. A majority of the pencil marks remain, even after wearing out a few magic erasers. The room needs an update with a new coat and color of paint anyway.

I'm still working on sorting through the clothes in the closet, that will continue to be done one load at a time. But I think you can agree there's a huge improvement!


Oh the horror

Yes my kids to make their bed,
but since I was going to strip them anyway I didn't see the point for this day.

Lets find the poor baby doll's clothes, please.

Sorting toys


A new place for everything, and everything in it's place.

Not perfectly made, but beds are made.

Much better

Shoes finally have a home where they belong, in the closet.

Now it's your turn!! Show me some of your before and after pics!


Renae said...

Excellent job! I've started rotating toys to help minimize the stuff my girls need to clean up in their room.

Angela Childress said...

Thanks Renae!

Yes I plan on rotating toys too. Hence the boxed on the top of the shelf. :)

Have a great day.