Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday 100719

Warm up
Joint mobility
Air Squats
Plank Holds
Perfects Stretches
Side Lunges
Front Kicks
Pass Throughs

10 KBS 25 lb
3 TGU - each side 18 lb
10 KBS
4 TGU each side
10 KBS
4 TGU each side
10 KBS
3 TGU each side
10 KBS

Skill work - practice OHS with pvc to work on form.

Cool down stretching

"There are two basics that every person in every area of fitness needs to master; how to generate power with your hips and how to control a weight overhead. Don't confuse basics with beginners. Get back to basics."
Shaun Cairn, Senior RKC

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