Thursday, July 8, 2010

No more lost library cards!

Keep track of your library cards by keeping them with the library bag!

We love going to the library. We try to go once a week, before we go to church or before gymnastics practice, depending on the day. Both of my older two have their own library cards. I used to keep them in my billfold for them, but they like to have access to their own cards when they want them. And it is a little bit of a pain to fish them out of my bag and billfold when we get to the check out line.
So I gave them both their library cards, and not surprisingly one or both would misplace or forget their cards when we go to the library. I got tired of having to either help them hunt for their cards, or pay to replace cards we could not find.

I needed a way to help the girls keep track of their own card. And EUREKA!
I saw on another blog idea a while back to attach the library card to the bag. That way all the girls had to do was keep track of their bag.

But the card was attached with a strap that was sewn into the bag, a D ring, and a clip. I liked the idea, but didn't want to put that much work into it. So I created my own version using some yarn, a keyring, and a safety pin. No sewing involved!!

If you like this idea, here's how you can make yours too!

All you need is:
a reusable shopping bag
the library card
some yarn
an extra key ring
a safety pin
and a hole punch.

With the hole punch, punch 3 holes at the top or side of the
library card, being careful not to punch in the area of the barcode.
(Note: I'm using an office depot card as an example.)
Cut a length of yarn, the longer it is the easier for it to get scanned without having to take it off the bag. Fold it in half to double it. There will be the loop on one end and the two ends at the other.

Put the loop end through the center hole.

Put one of the two ends in each of the outside holes.

Open the loop and thread the ends through the loop.

Pull to tighten

Loop the ends through the key ring and knot to secure.

From the inside of the bag, poke the safety pin through like so.

Place the key ring on the safety pin, poke the pin back through to the inside, and fasten.

If your bag has a pocket on the outside, you can hide the safety pin/ring attatchment underneath the pocket like so.

And there you go! Your card is now safely attached to the library bag. As long as your kids know where their bag is they know where their card is.

We keep our library bags right by the door in a crate to make them easy to grab on our way out the door.

The plus side to each child having their own library bag is they can only bring home what books will fit in the bag. Saving us from having library book overload. When we bring home books, they go on the bookshelf. After we finish reading a book, it goes back into the bag, ready to be returned. This way we rarely loose a book (there are a few exceptions, but hey they are kids!) and have to pay a late fee or a lost book fine.



mommyx12 said...

Great idea. I'm going to have to do that!

Angela Childress said...

Take it and run with it!

Learning 4 Life said...

I like the idea!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

Hollinger Family said...

yay! What a fantastic idea! After 8 years of homeschooling, we are just now utilizing the library... and organizing things is right up my alley ;^)


Angela Childress said...

Glad you all like it. It's a little encouraging to me. :)

Sheri, you will LOVE the library. We are seriously addicted to going to the library.