Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Experimental Dyeing Day 2

Yeserday's day of having fun was pretty successful. But I wasn't too happy with how the Grape turned out. I didn't have a whole day to devote to the dying proccess so today I used the microwave to speed up the process. I started out with my grape skien from yesterday and rinsed and soaked it again in the sink. I filled a large glass bowl with water and put 2 pkts Grape Kool Aid. Stirred and then put my skein in it.

I zapped it in the microwave 5 minutes at a time, for 25 minutes total I believe. I don't know if you can see the exausted water in the second pic, but you can see the yarn really took hold of the dye this time. MUCH BETTER!

The pink skeins were dyed using the crock pot method with the Pink Lemonade Kool Aid and Strawberry thrown in at the end.

The Purple is my Grape Kool Aide. First dyed using the crock pot method and then the zap it in the microwave method.

The Yellow was my experimental one using Mango Kool Aid in the sun tea jar.

How Pretty! I'm so anxious to see how these colors knit up!

Sun Tea Jar dying success!

The soaker on the left was dyed using Strawberry Kool Aide

The soaker on the right was dyed using Soaring Strawberry Lemonade Kool Aid. I messed up on the grafting of this soaker, but i'll just use it around the house so I'm not worried about it.

I'm really happy with how these two turned out and will for sure use these colors often!

So what did we do in the meantime while waiting for the dyeing process? We cleaned the house of course and packed for vacation.

The girls in chipped too. Here they are helping to scrub the bathtub. Yes they wanted to help! You would thinkg with as helpful as my daughters are I would have a spotless house, but I don't ;)

I made laundry and decluttering my mission on top of packing. I some how succeeded in thinning out my books and condensing two book shelves into one shelf.

The past two days were full and pretty tiring, and I'm working again tonight.

I look forward to having some rest while we are in Ga. And I'm so excited to see my brother again!

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