Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Evicting Clutter....

This week is Prep Week for our 31 day challenge.
Today we are going to analyze each of our rooms so we can develop a strategy. So for our home work today you will need a notebook, a pen (to make it permanent), and your two walking feet.
I want you to take 15 minutes today and take a tour of your home. Focus on your kitchen, bathroom, entry way, living room, the kids bedroom(s), and your bedroom.
As you tour your home, look at your home through the eyes of a guest. In each room take note of trouble spots and clutter collectors. Now, just take note of them, but don't tackle them just yet. We are just getting an overall view of your home.
Is your bedroom a peaceful haven? Is your kitchen inviting to your family to share meals and time together? Does your living room say "welcome to our home"?
Or is your bedroom doing double duty as a storage room? Is your kitchen table piled high with laundry and paperwork? Can you even find your kitchen table? Is your living room unkept and cluterred? Can you remember what your couch looks like?? :P
Please note, your home is your home. You live here. They should have the feeling of housing a family. But our home should not be abused.
We shouldn't abuse our bodies because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and the same applies to our physical homes. Our homes house us and we need to take care of them and be good stewards of them.
Now, that you have your purposes for accepting this challenge, and that you have notes of trouble spots written down (if you don't have your purpose written out please go to yesterdays post and do so), put them in a safe place. Right now put them in your bible for safe keeping. Later we'll go through assembling a house hold notebook, so keep your plans and purposes handy and safe until then..
Monday and Tuesday of next week we'll put together our strategy for evicting all of our clutter and taming our trouble spots.

Be blessed today!

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