Sunday, September 21, 2008

31 Days of Less Challenge!

This morning I was perusing my blog roll to catch up on some blog reading and I came across this post on Biblical Womanhood referencing OwlHaven's 30 day of nothing challenge. I haven't fully explored OwlHaven's new blog yet, but apparently every September she challenges herself to spend nothing for 30 days. Well... i'm not sure about NOTHING.... but sticking with a strict budget to cut back on expenses and spend nothing on any extras.

I'm intrigued. I'm interested. And although I found this challenge a bit late, I want to play along. Sounds fun. I need to really tighten down on our budget and cut out a lot anyway. Especially since I'm not going to be bringing in any extra income regularly.

I'm to late to join the challenge for September, so I'll make my challenge for October. That will be a hard month for us because it's Nightmare Season at our church and we'll have a lot of nights of us not being at home. But that makes it even more of a challenge i guess.

I also need to make a big effort to pare down on extras in the home. Such as an overflowing closet, kitchen cabinets packed with unused utensils, overflowing file cabinets, etc. So that would be a perfect challenge to go right along with tightening the budget. Clearing the clutter from home and wallet! What could be better!

So... anyone want to have a go at it with me? We have technically 1 week and 2 days from today to plan, strategize, and prepare for 31 days of decluttering our homes and our wallets. We would also have 31 days of encouraging each other and sharing tips. If you want to join sign up in the comments!

And if you need a cup of joe to moyivate you.. take this quiz.. Here's my coffee :)

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