Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Less for me... new for you Tuesday!!

Alright... I guess this will really be a test of if anyone reads my blog... but..

I've been saying for a long time now that I have too much stuff. And I need to pare down. REALLY pare down. I do take part in the local Free Cycle group, but I would like to also bless some ladies out there too.

So what I'm doing is this... Throughout the weeks ahead I'll be doing some major decluttering, a little at a time. Some stuff will go into the FreeCycle pile, but I'm going to pick out one or two things to post on here for a giveaway. I think it would be fun to have a drawing, don't you??

Here's the rules: I will post what is up for give away. Entries will be open from Tuesday when it is posted until the following Monday evening. To get one entry, you have to bless some one else. Pretty simple. Go out and do something to bless some one. Help an old lady across a street, give some one food, help out a new mom by babysitting, or simply visit a friend. Then post a comment briefly telling what you did. You can post more than once and each blessing will get you one entry into the drawing. I'm doing it this way to help give others ideas of what they can do to be a blessing with what they have.

I will draw a name Monday evening and post on the Next Less For Me Tuesday who the winning lady will be. Then you'll have one day to email me your name and address so I can box it up and ship it!

Now here's the hitch. I don't have a camera at the moment. I'm saving up for one (Giving me a camera would get you an entry into the drawing ;) So I'll try to borrow one to get pics of what I'm posting, but no promises. But I do promise you I won't post any junk. If I post something you can use, great. If not then maybe next week.

Up for grabs this week:

4 books from my kitchen!

Bottom Lines' Best-Ever Kitchen Secrets
Bottom Line's Best-Ever Home Secrets (sorry no Picture)
Bottom Line's Secret FOOD CURES
BH&G A Festive Christmas
I actually did use all of these... and they have lots of great tips. But I think I've gotten all of the use out of them I will get so I'm going to pass them on.
Alrght.. lets go out there and be a blessing!

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tina_nettles said...

I LOVE this idea! If, when you come for the canning equipment this week, you want to bring your stuff to give away, I can take pix with my camera and e-mail them to you to post here.