Monday, March 14, 2011

McLinky Monday - My Favorite Things


This week on RHOK - McLinky Monday, Mrs. Albright shared the things she treasured the most, and asked us to do the same.

I love sharing things that mean the most to me. I am aware that others may look at these things and not think they have much value....

We are determined to be debt free in the next 4 years, so we live in a very small home, and have a minimal lifestyle. We don't have much that is considered worth much monetarily. I have very few heirlooms passed on to my from relatives. Most of what we own, we own because it is practical. But I love my home, my life, and I feel I am richly blessed.

To me these things are my greatest treasures.

At the top of my most treasured list is my hubby. But Mr. Strong Man detests pictures... and I wasn't able to sneak a photo of him.

Next on my list are our 3 beautiful girls, Little Miss Helpful, Little Miss Sunshine, and Little Miss Daredevil. Here they are this morning cuddling on the couch right after they woke up.

These are the silk flowers I carried in my wedding bouquet and our unity candle. The unity candle is a glass oil lamp that was custom etched for our marriage ceremony. They hang on the wall over our dressers.

I love collecting knitting needles. I rarely use these, but they sit in a vase on a corner of my craft cabinet. I love the kiddie knitting needles with the cheerful faces! They are so fun and I smile every time I see them!

This is our piano that was given to us by a dear friend. It was used by her daughters when they were growing, and she passed it on to us. On top of the piano sits the family bible, my favorite lamp, and some pictures.

The pictures are reproductions of paintings by my favorite artist, Mary Cassatt. (I got them recently at a yard sale and I'm waiting patiently for Mr. Strong Man to put wall anchors up so I can hang them).

I love tea cups, and this is my small collection. I like to have afternoon tea when we are home, and my girls love using their own little dainty tea cups. Even the most boisterous tom boys (like mine) can appreciate a little elegance. :)

I have 1 tea cup that was a part of my husband's grandmother's china set, and is the only piece that has survived all these years. Hanging on the bakers rack you can see my aprons. I have 1 everyday apron for me, 1 apron for my daughter, and 3 handmade 1/2 aprons made by an old friend.

This is my knitting basket where I keep my current knitting projects. I am currently working on a Candle Flame Shawl, a Feather and Fan Scarf for Little Miss Sunshine, a Diamond Lace Scarf for me, and a Lacy Leafy Baby Afghan.

This is the Candle Flame Shawl I have been working on for several years. It is about 3/4 completed, and will be a gift to hubby's Granny when it is done.

This is the baby keepsake box. I have kept a few infant outfits that all three of my girls have worn. What you see here are the keepsake baby blankets.

The quilt was hand made by a friend for my oldest daughter, and has covered all 3 of my girls. The afghan on the lower left is a crocheted Granny Square Baby Afghan that I discovered at a thrift store. The two on the lower right and the one on the upper right were crocheted for the three girls by Granny. But my favorite is the yellow afghan in the center.

This was the afghan knit by Granny for Mr. Strong Man when he was an infant. I have the same pattern that she used for this afghan, and will be making one for each of my girls. Hopefully some day I will make one for each of my grand children.

I had a lot of fun sharing my treasures with you! Each and every one of these items has a dear place in my home and my heart.

Now it is your turn to share your treasures with us. Write about your favorite things on your blog, and link up with RHOK on the original McLinky Monday post.




Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Oh, Angela... you shared some precious treasures. Those afghans are just beautiful.

I don't keep a lot of "stuff" either. With the exception of a few items like photos, jewelry and family videos what I have is kept in my hope chest.

Thanks so much for linking up with us today. I'm glad you had fun with the topic. =)

Mrs. A

Baloney said...

Oh how sweet! I love all of your treasures!
You are smart to work so hard on being debt-free.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Great treasures! I love the unity candle/ oil lamp and -everything really :)

6 Happy Hearts said...

So sweet! My Great Grandmother collected tea cups & each woman in the family was able to pick their favorite one. I have such fond memories of her tea cups. She would allow me to pick my favorite one & drink soda from it :)
Awesome treasures - thanks for linking with the RHOK today!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Enjoyed your treasures. I commend you and your husband to try and getting debt free. We now own our house free and clear. After years of turbulence in my chosen energy business career we went debt free so they we could manage our life instead of being forced to move places just because that is where the job went.
Being debt free has given us a sense of freedom and financial flexibility that has worked out very well for us.

ShaRhonda said...

Oh what wonderful treasures! You reminded me of my teapot collection- I have thought that I might rid myself of some, but....Thank you for linking up and I too commend you on the debt free endeavor, are you using a program? Mrs. Hart

Angela - Not SuperWoman said...

Thank you so much for your comments!

Yogi, thanks for sharing your little "testimony" about being debt free. It hasn't been easy, and it's hard to see friends and family out having a lot of fun when hubby is working hard. But I know it will pay off.

ShaRonda - We follow Dave Ramsey and his principles. We don't do everything EXCACTLY the way he does, but we do most of it.

And regarding the tea pots.... I am limiting myself to only two because that is the room I have. But it is so hard because I keep coming across so many pretty ones at thrift stores and flea mkts.