Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Garden 062210

Pics of updates for the garden.

If watching the progression of us digging in dirt sounds boring to you, there's some links for more great reading to the right.

I wouldn't be offended at all if you clicked one.

No, really I wouldn't.

Monday morning the girls and I spent several hours pulling weeds from the garden space.

This is what it looked like Monday. That's my daughter in the left space earning her camp spending money. Please ignore the naked baby doll lying in the grass.

No I didn't make my daughter clear the one on the right all by herself. I have been known to be a little mean to my kids. But not that mean.

My other two got involved and "helped" too. Helping as in digging in the section already stripped and making mud pies.

This is my little mud pie beauty.

I wasn't going to allow all those little muddy hands and feet inside on my floor. Not that it really would of made a difference if muddy feel walked on my floor, I haven't mopped in two weeks. But it's the principle you know.

So I got smart for once and brought out a basin for them to wash up in first before walking inside.

Rub a dub dub, three girlies in a tub.

Last night we finished double digging that section and added peat moss and compost. I still need to add vermiculite, but could not find any yesterday.

Hubby is handling the shovel. I did do half of this, but I think hubby was afraid I would hurt myself with the shovel, so he took over. He's double digging and Jordan is earning her camp spending money breaking up the clods and picking out roots.

Adding in the peat moss and compost.

Two littles keeping themselves cool with water play and creating a toybox explosion in our yard.

Double digging the end of the first section.

Second section finished as of Tuesday evening, and partially sectioned off. Jordan still earning camp spending money. She looks so thrilled to be out here. :)


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