Monday, June 7, 2010

Thrift Store Treasure Finds

I took my 6 bags of stuff to the local thrift store, and the drop off at the back of the building was closed, so I had to bring it through the front door to drop it off. My family went with me, and we did the ultimate no no when dropping things off at the thrift store.... we looked around.

If you really know me, you are probably cringing, because thrift stores and yard sales are really my weakness. But, I WAS VERY GOOD! I found a few finds that I really could use!!

I found a remnant of lace fabric that is the PERFECT size for my kitchen sink window. I've been wanting a real pretty lacy curtain to go there, and have not found the right one. Or if I did find one it was too pricey for my budget. I found this tonight and will use it to make a curtain this weekend. I love it!

I found a heart shape tea light candle holder. I already have two exactly the same, and got this to make it a trio for the bedroom to help with the ambiance. Oooo Lala!

Then Jordan found the Saxon 5/4 Home Study Packet answer key. Jordan is currently in 5/4 math, and already have this answer key. But it is literally falling apart. This one looks brand new, and will be a great replacement.

The best find of tonight though is this.......

Jada found this cute little stroller. I had just thrown away her toy umbrella stroller because it broke this past week This one is an upgrade from the umbrella stroller to say the least. The toy on the stroller actually plays music and lights up! It is so adorable! Jada loved it immediately. She is going to have so much fun pushing her dolly when we go for our walks.

We really got these for a great deal.

Candle holder - $ .13
Fabric - $1.00
Math Answer Key - $ .37
Hubby found a book - $ .50
Stroller - $4.00

My total was less than $7.00 Not bad considering that if I did go buy a toy umbrella stroller at a retail store it would probably cost at least $10.00 new.

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