Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mommy time

We've been extremely busy the past few month. As you can tell!

I have gotten lost in mommy hood. And have let my kids schedule get a little crazy with all the play days, lessons, field trips, etc. Plus keeping up with my own commitments volunteering at church and taking care of my nephew.

The past few weeks I have left very little time for myself. I have to admit I look a little frumpy, dumpy, and probably am not very sweet! I'm in bad need of a long shower, shave, eyebrow/face wax, pedicure, and manicure. I also am in need of nuturing my inner self.

So today I'm taking time back for myself. I have no social obligations, and nothing on my schedule. And it's staying that way. My hubby is home today, so he's going to have primary obligation of taking care of the girls today.

My to do list for today is:

Drink lots of coffee with flavored creamer
Read a book
Have a good long soak in the Word of God
Take a LONG shower
Knit on a project
Sew a dress that I bought fabric for BEFORE EASTER
Bake some bread
Make some more yogurt

I'm going to do every single one of them, and not feel a bit guilty about it.

Yes we need to keep our husband, family, and home a priority. But if we don't take time for ourselves and to nurture ourselves, we loose ourselves and our identity in that priority.

One day my kids will be grown. They will leave the nest. And it would be tragic for me to be here alone and wondering "what should I do now?"

It's important for me to continue to work on my interests and grow in my life with God. So I can be refreshed and sharpened to take care of the priorities.

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