Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday - The Kids' Room

I have only one item on my to do list for today. Ok, two, since it is important to make sure the kids get fed today. But today I will tackle cleaning out my girls' room.

My oldest is at camp, and will be returning tomorrow. So today is the day to give the room a much belated spring cleaning. We live in a smaller home, and all three girls share the same room. Three girls with all the Barbies, little ponies, accessories, shoes, and clothes means lots of things in one room. I try to stay on top of keeping it some what ordered. And Jordan is learning how to take care of her things.

But it does not take much, like one toy being put in the wrong box, to start a domino chain reaction that leads to total chayos in their room.

So it's time to put everything back in it's place, or find it a new home.

Today the curtain will be taken down and washed. The closet will be emptied, wiped out and re organized, The items that have been shoved under the bunk bed will be dug out and tossed. (If it's been under there, it's been there a while and we haven't missed it.) Stuffed animals will be washed, and most will find a new home. Pencil drawings on the walls will be erased. Clothes will be sorted, rehung, or stored. (I would really love to find where I can purchase clothing rack dividers to help the girls properly put their clothes in their place.) The dresser drawers will be emptied, clothes refolded or hung, and the drawers wiped out.

Yes this will be done today. Nothing can destract me. I am determined to start this and finish it today. Even if I am finishing at 11:59pm it will still be done today.

I would also like to move the bunk beds and the toddler bed so the bunk bed is no longer blocking the window. But we'll see.

I have some before pics. But don't want to get destracted by loading them on the computer to upload them here. I'll post them later.

What is a project that you've been meaning to take on? Is it a big project? Have you been procrastinating because it just seems overwhelming? How many little projects can you break it into? Pick something small that you can do, and do it. Then find something else small to do within the big project, and do it. Keep chipping away at the small things, checking off that to do list, and pretty soon you'll have made noticeable progress on that big mountain!

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