Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday - My to do list.

I've got another long list

- Fold ALL the Laundry
- Do ALL the dishes
- Run to Lowes for soil amendments and nails
- Nail 2x4s together to form frame to keep soil from spilling all over yard
- Dig amendments into soil
- Plant some cukes
- Start double digging 3rd plot
- Finish clearing out living room
- Finish re arranging books on new bookshelves
- Make grocery list
- Mop the floor
- Make meal plan and grocery list
- Print out online coupons
- Submit Grocery Order
- Balance Check book
- Assemble Nature Walk Backpacks (didn't get done last week)
- Declutter girls room (that didn't get done last week either)

- And make sure my kids eat today. (That's kind of an important one.)

I'm out of coffee. Can some one please bring me some? I'm still tired from working in the "garden" all day yesterday. Notice I put make grocery list twice on here?

Prayers for my sanity till I can work an emergency trip into the convenience store for some coffee would be appreciated.

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