Monday, August 11, 2008

First day of homeschool and We have a tooth!!!

Today was our first official day of home school. And it was rough. I woke up late. So it totally threw my schedule off. I grabbed a quick shower and got the girls up. While they did their chores I fixed some oatmeal. They love oatmeal, especially with some milk, honey, and cinnamon.
After breakfast we cleaned up the house really quick. Nothing thorough, just a quick pick up. Then we had bible story time. Joelle colored a picture while I read outloud. I then asked both girls some questions, and they could answer them all. After I read a bit I had Jordan read a chapter outloud and then draw a picture of something God created. Of course, she drew a horse. God was in the piture as well. He had curly red hair. I'm thinking that's not what God looks like, but I wonder if he got a chuckle from it?

After bible, I covered Math with Jordan. I am using an online curriculum at the Center for Innovation in Mathematics teaching . Either this one is not a fit for us, or I'm starting at too high of a level for her, or I'm not doing enough prep reading to teach it.
I couldn't get some of the lessons to explain them, and Jordan couldn't figure out once I did explain. Jordan was taught last year in PS to use her fingers to count up or down to add or subtract. She has no addition or math facts memorized. So it takes her several minutes to do a simple math problem.
I'm not ready to shelve this curriculum yet. But I do want to utilize more hands on manipulatives for a bit, and have her figure up a few somes and then commit the rest to memory. I'll take these lessons slower and give it another week or two before I make a final decision to either go down another level or find a new curriculum.
After that we had lunch and Spelling. Jordan was pretty mentally fatigued from the math so I had the girls go down for a nap.
I feel like we were at the table all morning. This is not what I want, and what I wanted to avoid in keeping her home. She's not designed to sit at a desk all day and needs more activity. Today was pretty rainy anyway so it's not like we could go outside, but still sitting at a tale for a majority of the day is not fun.

This afternoon I fed Jada and played with her for a while. She has been putting everything in her mouth for the past few months. She had a teething ring but it wasn't satisfying her. So I let her use my finger for a teether. She had a few good chomps in my finger, then I started to feel something poke me. She finally had a tooth cut through! WooHoo!!
The best part of it, she hasn't been overly fussy today, so I'm really really hoping this means she's going to be an easy teether for the rest of her pearly whites too!

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