Sunday, August 31, 2008

Well... I didn't head back to bed as I anticipated. I wanted to spend time with my family. And I also made home made butter! It was yummy and suprisingly easy to make. When I do get a new camera I'll post pictures and a "how to" to show you how simple it was.

For fighting exaustion and staying up to be with my kiddoes I was rewarded with a wonderful obeservation from my daughter. I was sitting at the computer when my Jordan walks up and asks me what "scraggly" meant. I told her I thought scraggly meant kind of old and worn out. When I asked her why, she just said she was wondering. Then she stops, takes a good look at me, and said "Mom, you're looking kinda scraggly." From the mouth of babes.... :P

And now I'm working on revamping my home management binder. I had made it a LONG time ago.. but got away from using it consistently and it became a catch all for misc paper stuff. So now I am decluttering my binder and making new tabs for new catagories and reorganizing my stuff inside. I'm going to start usiing it again to help keep my days organized starting this week.

I also need to start sorting through and organizing the files we transferred from the old computer to this new computer. Then go back through the old one and make sure we have EVERYTHING we need off of it before we wipe it clean of all of our info. I think Jerimiah plans on keeping the old tower and installing his Linux software on that one and conecting it via network to this one so both towers can use the same screen and stuff. But who knows...

And on top of that I get to sort through 5 boxes of clothes a lady from church gave us for the girls. It was time for new clothes.. but 5 BOXES WORTH?? God does provide more than enough and I'm sure I'll be passing some of this bounty onto some one else. I love our church. Moms are constanly passing clothes around that their kids have out grown.

Well... it's time to get the family up to head back to church.

Have a blessed day all!

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