Monday, August 4, 2008

Jada is 5 months old!!!

My dear sweet Jada is 5 months old today. It seems so long ago since she was born, but in other ways it only feels like yesterday.

I took pictures of her today. But my camera met an unexpected end. I accidentally knocked it off the desk while uploading all the pictures and the lense is now jammed. I have the camera taken apart and will try to fix it. If I can't I'll take it into a repair shop and see if they can bring it back to life.

But until then here is a picture of her taken on Friday.
Jada Devine Childress.
When we first chose her name, I never really thought to research the meaning. So recently I was doing searches on all our girls names.
The most popular meaning of Jada is an elaborated form of Jade, which is a precious stone.
But searching on ttp:// led me to a second meaning. Jada means "he knows" in Hebrew.
Devine is our elaboration of the English word divine meaning "divine, godlike". A search on leads to the Vine's definition of divine, which states : "Divine" (from theos, "God"), is used of the power of God, 2Pe 1:3, and of His nature.
So in a round about way, she is our precious jewel. Full of the nature of God. And a constant reminder that "He Knows".
Her blue eyes are not staying blue. They are changing, and appear to either brown or hazel. She is not bald like her older sisters were, but she is growing darker hair. And she smiles all the time (until I try to take a picture). And she is really starting to talk and laugh. Last night all the way home Jordan and Joelle were giggling. Jada was giggling, squealing, and blowing rasberries right back at them. It was so funny!
She really is a blessing. A precious gift from God. And we all treasure each moment with her.

Update: My camera is officially dead. May it rest in peace.

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