Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend update...

Friday was our errand day...

Hair cuts for the girls, visiting the library, stopping at Bibliomania for home school stuff, grocery shopping, etc.... all the fun stuff :).

Joelle got her first real hair cut. She was more interested in my watch (I let her wear it) than she was in the cutting. Her hair wasn't that long so it was more of a trim ;)
Jordan only wanted a trim, but the girl who cut her hair was nervous and made a snip too short so her trim became more of a cut ;) Jordan's missing her long hair, but her hair is growing fast now and will be longer before we know it.
They both look real cute with a page boy type of style. And it will grow out on both of them.

While at Bibliomania we shopped the 1/2 price table and found 2 movies for $5.00! The Black Stallion and Shriley Temple in Bright Eyes. Both are fun movies and the girls love them. Since Friday afternoon the girls have watched the Black Stallion at least 5 times. And we are watching it again. A cheap way to entertain the girls between chores and table time. Sure beats the cost of taking them to a matinee!

Friday night we got a rare treat. It was rare in that I wasn't scheduled for work for once on a Friday. While I was out running errands a friend of mine called and invited us over to use her pool while they were gone in the evening. She has a HUGE house with a pool that overlooks a valley. It was such a peaceful and relaxing place. All of us had fun. Even Jada kicked back in her floatie and motored around a bit with her kicking.

Joelle's become a little fish. Last year she would only get in the water if we held her and refused to let go. This time it took her a little while to warm up to the water and then she was all over the pool!

We all had fun and are very appreciative to my friend for the hospitality.
Saturday found us working all day.
Jerimiah went to run the Saturday morning CrossFit FTX at the park. None of the regulars showed up, but there were a few people there finishing their morning run that were curious about what was going on and sounded pretty interested. Hopefully they will be there next week.
I worked all day. We were busy from the second we opened the doors. And of course we were short staffed. So I ran the bar and had a section. I was a little overwhelmed. I feel bad that I wasn't able to take care of my guests the way I should of, but I did my best and am praying the staffing at work will get better.

Today was church day. Nothing gets accomplished at home on those days. Just lunch and a nap after morning service.

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