Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well... I'll try to update from this neck of the woods.

Today was a pretty good day. I woke up late. Again. I have on my daily "schedule/routine" to wake up at 5:45 and wake the girls by 7:00 so we can start on breakfast, schoolwork, and house work. But... it is so hard. This morning my alarm went off, and I brought Jada to bed with me to feed her and fell right back to sleep. I woke up to the sound of the girls giggling and playing on the new computer. Anyway... I want to be up and ready for the day before the girls wake up. So. I'm gong to have to be more disciplined in my wake up time... or I'm going to have to order the girls to not wake up until 9:00!

So I skipped house work. I fixed breakfast and did the dishes. That's about it. Then we sat down and Jordan started her copywork/handwriting and math.

I still really don't know what to do yet "school wise" with Joelle so mostly I'll have her sit and color or do tracing sheets. Anyway... while Jordan was doing her copy work I was on the computer getting acquainted with it, and I started hearing Joelle counting. I didn't know what she was counting because my back was to her (bad mommy) so I turned to see what she was doing.... she had gotten a Winnie The Pooh Learning Fun book and was saying the numbers, saying what the items were, and then counting them. Like "Seven... baskets... 1...2...3...4...5...6...7....." I was really stunned. It amazes me how much she knows and I really don't do anything with her. So I sat down with her and finished counting things with her.

Then we went to the Alphabet section and started saying the names and I tried to get her to say the sounds. She knows most of the phonetics of the letters.... but she has trouble discerning the "C" and "T" and "D"and "G".... She is constantly saying "tuh" for "C" and "Duh" for "G". I don't know if this is a valid speach/hearing issue, or something that she can grow out of. She did have a few times when she did say "cuh" for "C". But she still said "Tat" when I asked her to say "Cat" I'm thinking it's too early to really start worrying about it now. If she doesn't grow out of it in about 6 months then maybe I need to take her to a specialist.

About 11:00 my neighbor called and said she was going to the store and wanted to know if I wanted to go along. I jumped at the chance. I've been w/o a car all week. Jerimiah has our second car on jack stands and is in the process of fixing the brakes. We had some food, but supplies were running low and I just wanted to go get enough to have a nice dinner.

I had Jordan leave everything right where it was on the table, intending to get back to it later. I threw a light diaper bag together and woke Jada up from her nap to dress her. She was acting a little fussy, but I thought it was because I woke her up early. I took her out to my neighbor's car and strapped in her car seat. As I was buckling her into the seat she threw up.

I'm guessing it was the oatmeal I gave her at break fast, because she threw up last time I gave her oatmeal. She didn't have a fever or anything... so I'm thinking oatmeal for Jada is a bad idea. She seemed fine after that so we went ahead to the store.

At the store I found some nice deals. We went to Homeland... there the prices are usually higher than most of the other stores. But you can find some great deals if you look hard enough.

Some times they reduce prices on their meat quite a bit when they have to sell it quick. A few weeks ago I was there and found boneless, skinless chicken thighs for .49 cents a pound. It was going to expire the next day. I bought every package that was reduced, brough them home, divided them up into quart size baggies 4-5 a baggie, and put the quart baggies inside a gallon freezer bag. 3-5 thighs provided good Zone diet protien block portion for one meal for my whole family. And I had enough to freeze to last me at least 2 months if we ate thighs once or twice a week for dinner.
Today I found a brisket that had been mis marked for $1.89 a lb. All others were $2.99-$3.99 a lb depending on the size of the packaging. I love finding good bargains. With our tightening budget, us trying to get out of debt and me reduce my work hours... every little bargain helps!

Did I tell you all that we got a new computer??? God blessed us immensely! We had recently pricing getting a new computer, or buying parts to upgrade our old computer. Even if we bought parts a few at a time to upgrade it would of been hard to work it into our budget. So we've been doing the best we could with what we had and just worked around it when the computer was being tempermental. Some times computer work or printing things out for school had to wait until we could make it to the library.


Jordan took part in the library's summer reading program. When she completed it she was eligible to be entered into a drawing. We really didn't know what the drawing was for.... Jerimiah was making a quick trip to the library with the girls one Saturday while I was at work and he almost didn't bother with having Jordan fill out her form and entering it. But the girls were being extra good that day and Jada wasn't fussy yet so he took the extra time for Jordan to do it. A few weeks later I missed a call from the library and the lady left a voice mail saying Jordan won the Grand Prize and it was a NEW COMPUTER! We were so suprised... but thankful to because God again showed his awesomeness!

We went and picked it up last night, and spend most of the day playing on "Jordan's computer". It's so nice!

During the girls quite time I listened to a pod cast of the "MomtoMomradioshow". This episode was about finding your philosophy of education. it was a real eye opener for me. Cindy Rushton talked a lot about not starting your home school journey looking for curriculum or looking to methods. But instead we should start our home school journey as moms by sitting at the feet of Jesus. By sitting at the feet of Jesus we can get to know Him more intimately and then be able to ask Him what steps to take to teach our children and be able to hear His voice and feel His guidance. I have been so guilty up to this point seeking advice from others about what curriculum works for them, or what they think I should do about certain situations in teaching Jordan. And I have failed to stop, and seek God and His ways first and let Him lead me to the proper resources and methods to educate Jordan. Yes.. there is safety in a multitude of councel. But if that councel does not include God first and foremost it is all folly.

Well.........I guess I better get off of this computer. I just got home from work. It's time for me to head to bed and get some rest so I can enjoy my family tomorrow.

Be Blessed all!

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